Erin Colligan is a talented educator with whom I have had the pleasure and privilege to work for the past nine years. I’m fortunate to have had Ms. Colligan to rely upon to refer to, and share in, delivering successful interventions with several learning disabled students. Consistently, she has worked with great care in her exceptionally-organized and methodical approach to teaching remedial strategies, especially with bright students with dyslexia. We have shared cases that range in from grammar through high school, and I feel Ms. Colligan’s expertise and integrity are evident in all we have collaborated on.

– Neuropsychologist, New York City

Erin has been tutoring my 1st grade daughter for a couple of months and I have already seen improvement in my daughter’s approach to reading. Erin’s passion for teaching is evident as she delivers lessons filled with creative yet dependable structure. She knows how to connect with students of all ages and motivates them to work hard with steadfast determination. Her lessons are very organized and she encourages parents, through simplified directions, to be a part of the weekly home practice. My daughter looks forward to her time with Erin and will continue through the summer and next school year. As a parent who had been thinking that there is something not clicking in my child and contemplating an evaluation, meeting Erin could not have come at a better time. Whether or not your child has a learning disability, having the one-on-one time with a learning specialist is invaluable. She is able to give students, especially those wired uniquely, the tools to be a successful. On top of all the work she puts into the lessons, Erin is also an amazing advocate for your child. Erin is an asset in our community and we are lucky to have her here in Croton!

– Parent, 1st Grader

I just wanted to offer a testimonial for Erin’s work. She’s been tutoring my 4th grade son this academic year for writing and the results have been wonderful. Writing was a real sticking point for him (as in he left the writing section on the 3rd grade state test completely blank). Through his work with Erin. he now has a ‘tool box’ to use when faced with a writing assignment, not to mention a lot more confidence. The confidence part Is huge because the resistance to writing is as much an emotional block for him as it is an academic challenge. She’s a real talent in our community.

– Parent, 4th Grader

I have found Ms. Colligan to be a gentle and patient teacher, with an equally firm and judicious approach when required. Frequently, her interventions continue to impact her students in measureable ways, well past the actual time that Ms. Colligan and the child worked together. I have observed this phenomenon on several occasions when I have re-evaluated children in successive years to update and document their learning needs. I have also had the great pleasure of de-classifying students after a successful period of work with Ms. Colligan, when they no longer meet criteria for learning disability. In fact, each student with whom we have worked on a mutual basis has evidenced profound improvements in reading, writing, and overall organizational skills. It has been gratifying to have a reliable professional to refer to, such that I am certain that a student will improve in her capable hands.

– Neuropsychologist, New York City